Outfitting fighters since 1937


Photos by Tom Watson

November 5th, 1977. George Watson, owner of The Dock, arranged an amateur boxing event for the local “tough guys” to lace-up, get in the ring and show what they were really made of. A ring was erected in the parking lot of the bar. George’s brother, fashion photographer Tom Watson, captured the event on three rolls of 35mm film. Why hasn’t there been another Dock Fights? “To say the least it was volatile,” answers George. So, what happened that night after Tom ran out of film? That, they say, is the stuff of legend.

The Dock proprietor George Watson ready for all challengers.

George Watson taking the fight to John Sweeney.

Steve Houseknecht ready for battle.

Mike Ushko pummeling Steve Houseknecht.

Through the ropes!  Steve Houseknecht and Mike Ushko mixing it up.  Fight judge, Pat Sweeney, seated center.

Danny Dalbora fighting Jimmy the Bricklayer.

Tom McInerney backing Bobby Izenburg up against the ropes.

Bobby Izenburg taking Tom McInerney to the canvas.

You want more?

Watch that counterpunch!


U.S. Coastguardsman vs a local from Up Island

Robbed!  The decision goes to the local.